How Coverflex converted their inbound traffic with UTM personalisation

By using Userled, Coverflex has increased their inbound conversion by 27% and helped reach a $1.3M supported pipeline with UTM personalisation in their Userled experiences


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Coverflex is a compensation management solution that brings together every part of employee compensation beyond salary. Their target customers vary by industry to ensure employees get the best package that align with the company’s mission and vision. It’s no wonder Coverflex want to ensure their prospect’s journey is personalised throughout their experience, to ensure they only see what truly matters to them and what their employee expectations of what compensation truly means.

Generated £1.3M pipeline by focusing on UTM parameters personalisation.

Pedro Costa
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As the business for benefits software is growing in popularity, Coverflex needs to be able to capture more visitors on their website as well as ensuring they can discover who they are, to match them to their ideal ICPs and redirect them to a tailored ABM experience all through one platform.

This would not only save their team time but promote Coverflex as a company knowing exactly what their clientele is looking for and the solutions they offer to answer their needs, setting them apart from the competition and echoing their mission to provide tailored compensation packages.

Without personalised experiences, the specific industries did not find what resonated with them and their employees. With Userled, Coverflex is able to tailor assets and landing pages to what speaks best to each target ICP.

The team faced the following challenges:
  • Capturing consistent leads and uncovering the potential ICPs from their inbound visitors
  • Turning those ICPs into qualified leads to increase the pipeline generation
  • Use ABM experiences to help convert those leads into closed deals
  • all through the same platform to help save their team time and cross the bridge between marketing and SDRs


Userled enables Coverflex to personalise their website at multiple levels, rolling out high-level personalisation for many:

  • by using UTM parameters, Coverflex can narrow down their audience to specific traffic sources and behaviours to completely personalise customers’ experience on their website
  • that funnel can also be narrowed down further by using CRM data and parameters to focus on key accounts for a 1:1 experience
  • OR alternatively, to widen it using only Clearbit enrichment, allowing Coverflex to uncover unknown traffic sources and visitors to include in their ongoing Userled journeys


After choosing which audience they want to target with their personalised experience, Coverflex can personalise their landing page with variables such as the company industry, company name or even entire blocks of texts to ensure the best effect.

  • ensuring the CTAs are personalised and edited so that Coverflex can focus on ensuring the website visitors can book a demo or speak to the sales team will enable a transformation from visitor to a generated lead


The personalised landing page is then paired with outreach assets such as email banners or linkedin ads so that their marketing campaigns and sales cycles can benefit from a fully personalised experience

  • Userled enables further personalisation so that each assets can follow the different stages of the CRM pipeline with different messages and variables allowing for better outreach and email deliverability to empower their GTM team to achieve their goals
  • by synching the results to their CRM channel, Coverflex harnesses the information gathered by the Clearbit enrichment and the A/B testing of their Userled experiences, enabling the team to focus on the accounts, personas, or ICP that show the most buying intent.

The Results


increase in inbound conversion within 2 months


in supported pipeline

Tailored experiences ensure lead generation and conversion at an accelerated rate