How Causal converted a low value SEO traffic of 300K+ visitors monthly

By using Userled, Causal focused on their SEO traffic to help attract and convert more visitors on a monthly basis, ensuring they can capture and convert visitors into qualified leads.


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Causal is a platform enabling clients to drive their revenue-led planning with spreadsheets and analytics software. They focus on helping team with everything data: calculation, reporting and visualising, just to name a few. They want to save your team time and provide a collaborative space for analysis and reporting from the tools that matter: your CRMs, HRIS and accounting channels.

"Userled has allowed us to understand our website traffic much better and create personalized experiences for each audience that we are going after."

Saumil Shah
Head of Marketing & Partnerships


Causal saw that their traffic was consistent, but wasn’t converting at a scale. They found that the landing pages that saw the highest traffic rate wasn’t optimised to ensure the visitors could convert into qualified leads.
This meant that what the organic visitors saw did not align with the searches they made or the ads they saw of Causal, which ensured they would not stay long enough to qualify as lead or be interested enough to speak to sales.

The team faced the following challenges:
  • the monthly visitor rate was scaling every month, but the lead generation from the SEO traffic was stagnant, and they could not convert the traffic to an equivalent pipeline
  • the current inbound journeys created did not generate enough personalisation to ensure the visitors would end up in their MQL
  • they needed to better understand their visitor and iterate quick and powerful journeys to capture leads in each step of the customer’s discovery of their website

Keep the content relevant, accurate and unique so that the conversion works faster and better

  • Userled personalises text, images, and CTAs to ensure the targeted visitors follow a personalised outcome at each visit of the Causal website, so that the lead generation and qualification is faster

Targeting specific verticals with personalised ads in channels such as Google and Linkedin using variables to ensure the known visitors are seeing exactly what is relevant to them and quickly convert from a first or second visit into a qualified lead

  • Causal is able to quickly see what campaigns work best and focus their effort and personalisation with quick iteration and a/b testing
  • using Userled analytics dashboard, Causal is able to see what works best for their goal. and quickly measure the impact of the campaigns created by their team, proving the power of personalisation

Pair captured visitors with personalised assets to convert prospects into leads using links directly synched to your CRM and GTM channels so that traffic visitors see full personalisation at every step

The Results


SEO traffic conversion increase


increase in traffic discovery

This led to more leads being generated from traffic conversion with just 1 active ABM campaign

Paired with active inbound journeys Causal can capture and qualify more prospects into leads by personalising their customer journey from the ad they click on to a fully personalised landing page