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Why-in-app personalised revenue journeys is the future of SaaS sales

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Competition amongst SaaS companies is at an all time high as more and more SaaS companies pop up. Being able to generate high recurring revenue through an effective and efficient sales process is at the centre of success for these companies.

Customers today are demanding a more personalised sales experience and SaaS companies are in a unique position to be able to deliver a tailored sales journey driven by data collected from the customer’s use of their product over time. Traditionally sales has been sales-led and sales-initiated. An in-app revenue journey unlocks the full spectrum of product led growth (PLG) with user-led and user-initiated sales.

❓How an in-app personalised revenue journey drives PLG?

User-led PLG is driven by customers self serving through the product. User-initiated product led sales (PLS) is created when a user reaches out to a sales representative who then closes the deal. Fundamentally an in-app revenue journey gives customers control over the sales experience letting users choose when they want to buy a product or reach out to a sales rep. By building an in-app revenue journey using data collected from a customers interactions and usage of the product, we can provide more customised and relevant sales touch points in the journey. This in turn leads to higher conversions and increased PLG.

✅ Benefits of an in-app personalised revenue journey

💪 Increase efficiency and effectiveness of your sales process

  • Greater sales conversionBy personalising the revenue journey and providing product offering suggestions that are more relevant to the customer through the journey, users are more likely to be interested in what you’re trying to sell and convert.
  • More efficient use of sales resourcesA user-initiated sales journey directly connects sales representatives to users who are already interested and see value in the product. Sales reps focus on opportunities with a higher chance of converting and don’t waste time chasing sales that won’t eventuate.
  • Focus on higher value opportunitiesUser-led PLG can target smaller accounts and leave sales teams to focus on higher value sales opportunities.

😎 Better experience for your customers

  • Higher customer satisfactionBy understanding a customer’s needs and tailoring the sales journey to them you create more meaningful interactions and this in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Recognised product value for customersA personalised sales journey recommends products offerings to customers based off an understanding of their needs, concerns and pain points. This more likely results in customers seeing value from the products they buy and builds customer loyalty.

📈 Data driven product and marketing decisions

  • Provides valuable data and insight into how customers are using your productThe in-app revenue journey relies on tracking user behaviour to build a personalised sales journey. The insight gained from this data can help improve the product, highlighting high impact areas and common pain points to focus on.
  • Informed sales and marketing campaignsSimilar to how usage data can help drive product decisions, it can also help build effective sales and marketing campaigns. Recognising common usage patterns across customer segments can help build personalised marketing campaigns focused on product features a customer is more likely to find value in.

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