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What a Good Userled Buyer Journey Looks Like

Discover how to create custom in-product journeys that drive your B2B growth KPIs with Userled. Tailor your journeys based on user behavior and integrate Userled with your CDP, billing system, CRM, and Slack for real-time insights and personalized messaging.

Yann Sarfati
Cofounder & CEO

Welcome to Userled, where we make it easy for you to boost your B2B growth KPIs with minimum effort. Our platform lets you create custom in-product journeys that nudge users to take actions that drive your growth. These journeys can include referral, new business, and upsell, among others.

It all sounds great but what is an in-product journey?

It's a series of relevant nudges that a customer receives to drive a company's growth KPIs, like engagement, revenue, and feedback. The goal is to guide the user towards certain actions, not force them.

That’s where their complexity lies. How do you build them without being obvious and desperate but rather make them seem like a natural step at critical moments in the user journey? In this article, we will give you tips on how userled can enable you to create these journeys while delighting your users.

How does Userled help me create these journeys?

With Userled's SDK, you can listen to your users and create simple yet powerful journeys. Identifying the right moments to nudge your users is key. For example, if someone visits your landing page multiple times, you can assume they are interested and nudge them to sign up, take them to the about section, or book a call.

You can also tailor your journeys based on where your users come from, like a specific campaign or website. And don't forget seasonal journeys - like special promotions during Christmas or Easter. Userled has many filters, like session count and location, to help you create the right journey for each user.

Create simple yet powerful journeys

It's important to identify the moments when your users want and need to be nudged.

  • for example if someone comes onto your pricing page 3 times, it is quite easy to understand that they might have questions about it therefore nudging them to book a call to discuss pricing or sharing with them a detailed article about how the pricing works could be helpful.

It all has to do with being in context and relevant, your blog is a great source of lead

  • Your blog and template page are great examples of where contextualised prompts and nudges could be relevant, for example if you write about how to enable CFO to create quick modals for SMB companies, and that one of your product features helps this persona with that, you might want to have a nudge in this article for people to understand how you can solve their issues.

Understanding who your regular visitors are helps with referral

  • In the example of a referral journey, if you see that someone logs onto your site multiple times a day you can guess that this user is likely an advocate therefore a very good candidate to bring others like him or her to your product, at this point you might want this specific user to receive a specific prompt.

Tailor your journey based on the website/campaigns people come from

  • Now if you can understand where a user comes from before landing on your product, for example you just launched a ProductHunt campaign and want these visitors to have a special discount, you have the ability to create such journey with userled to enable user segmentation to convert particular people faster,

But our SDK has many other filters enabling you to create the journeys you find relevant from scratch, some of the filters include:

  • Session count
  • Previous site
  • Browser Language
  • Location & time - Country/Region/City
  • Page visit history
  • User/Account parameters such as email and job titles
  • Prompt interactions

Integrate with 3rd party tools to create more personalized journeys

Integrate Userled with your CDP and or billing system to create event-driven journeys

Are you using a CDP like Segment, Amplitude, or Mixpannel to track your user behaviour and make changes to your product? That's great! With userled, you can take it a step further and create personalised journeys for your users.

By integrating Userled with your CDP, you'll get real-time insights on your user behaviour, allowing you to make the right nudges at the right moments to optimise conversions and drive growth. Plus, by connecting userled to your billing system, you can understand your users' plans, renewal dates, and more, so you can target specific users with tailored journeys and messaging.

And that's not all! You can also integrate Userled with your CRM and data warehouse for even more data and insights.

Involve your GTM team with our Slack integration

With userled, keeping your sales team in the loop has never been easier. By integrating Userled with Slack, your sales reps will receive real-time notifications about user behaviour and traits, giving them the information they need to close deals faster. Plus, you can prepare personalised email templates for your reps to use when reaching out to users based on the actions they take in your product.

This integration between userled and Slack is a powerful tool that helps your sales team take action based on user behaviour and traits, allowing you to drive growth and maximise conversions. Whether you're looking to increase sales or improve customer engagement, Userled and Slack are here to help.

The above are only a few integrations we are providing and will be adding a lot more based on your needs in the coming months, from Data warehouse, to email campaign management tool, we got you covered.

Start creating amazing user journeys today with Userled!