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The tools you need for a successful Product Hunt launch

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In this article, we recommend cool tools that we believe are must-haves when launching on Product Hunt. These tools will help you prepare your site and team for the large flow of visitors and users you are about to welcome.


1 -

June is the easiest way to run digestible product analytics for your whole team. At Userled, we use June to monitor our power users, understand activation, and retention, and share dashboards across the team to have a single source of product data. When launching on Product Hunt, a tool like June makes preparing for and monitoring key metrics much easier and helps you understand if your funnel has leaks.

Create a dedicated cohort and segment per Product Hunt user, and for particular personas within this user base, to understand what value Product Hunt users bring you. Are they actually converting or just browsing?


2 - Userled

Userled enables you to create journeys on your site to convert people coming from Product Hunt with a dedicated website experience. Greet them with a welcome message, share a discount, suggest content you believe they might be interested in or give them the opportunity of a consultation session about the topic you tackle with the CEO. Anything that may convert more visitors to users and accompany the conversion at the top of the funnel.

3 -

When you launch on Product Hunt, many people will visit your website, but not all of them will be interested in what you offer.

Relationships formed on Product Hunt are usually temporary, so it's important to turn them into long-term relationships. You should make lists and groups of people who are interested in your product, and then reach out to them in a personalised way. This is especially important for people who want to have control and flexibility when sending emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS messages that are based on data.


4 - Grafana

The last thing you want when launching on Product Hunt is for your site to crash. Yet, as you may receive more traffic than you are used to, it may happen. Receiving alerts at the right time on Slack is necessary to be able to jump on resolution fast.

5  - helps you bring your team together when things go wrong to solve website critical issues when it matters most, using Slack.

Product Enablement

6- Appcues

Guiding your newly acquired users so they can see the most value from your tool fast helps you with fast activation - getting your Product Hunt users to the "aha" moment faster. Creating guides to help your users discover your features fast is critical to nail your activation rate.

7 - Arcade

The most digestible content is video-based and interactive. Arcade allows you to create guided product demos that help you convert your users faster at the top of the funnel. The creation experience is simply magical, and having Arcade videos on your site is a must-have to show website visitors the value of your product in an elegant and straight-to-the-point fashion.


8 - Intercom

You want to be reachable live when launching on Product Hunt and not miss out on any customer support requests to be able to convert a maximum number of trial/freemium users to premium. Intercom allows you to do that, and with the Canny integration (9), you can record the feedback coming from this channel and start prioritising product features.

9 - Canny

Capturing feedback from your Product Hunt launch is critical. Most of you will be launching your product as a first step to market, and what you want more than money is iterative feedback. With Canny, your users can share their feedback directly from your product, navigate the feedback already given, and like ProductBoard but more affordable. You can prioritise feedback in the background, centralise it based on where it comes from, create a visible roadmap, and tag per priority order.