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Say hi to userled 👋

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Hi world, we are Louis, Martin, Tristan and Yann, the team building userled; we enable software companies to make their buying experience a breeze.

Selling software is more complex than it needs to be

Selling software is hard, sales cycles can take months, sometimes even more, and the hardened sales folks here will agree that nowadays the smaller deals are getting harder to close.

As software companies open their funnel to a wider audience using freemium sign-ups, trials, reverse trials and so on, they create a lot more leads that each require personalised approach.

So how do you deal with all of them? When do you interact with who? And what do you say?

Sales people maintain a list of TODO items per account, following up when relevant, and collecting context from far and wide to make the conversation meaningful, and well timed. But is this efficient? Well, simply put, no.

Users now have access to software products earlier in the sales cycle, requiring a more personalised experience when buying - making the process as easy as buying clothes online. The reality is currently very different, with most software companies still using the same outdated sales cycles that customers no longer want to go through. It is costly and inefficient, and many waste their precious sales resources on deals that should be closed without the need for human interaction.

To solve this issue, many will tell you about lead scoring and complex PQL monitoring, it’s good, but we personally prefer plain English.

Say hi to

We’re engineers and GTM experts who have experience selling and buying software - from the small deals to the million dollar ACV big wins. We know how to build smooth buyer journeys that delight customers while saving your sales resources.

We are not here to tell you how to sell your product, but we can get you to sell more deals faster and focus your sales resources on big bets while your product automates the closing of your low-hanging fruits.

That’s why we exist :)

Principles we are following to build userled ⭐️

Empower your revenue team 🙉

We provide the tools for your revenue team to create delightful revenue journeys that take minutes to set up, with little to no integration needed. Once your journey is set up, simply monitor the impact on your revenue KPIs and make changes accordingly.


The truth is that most companies see these buyer journeys as super impactful on the whole organisation and they are right. Depending on the size of the org and the vertical you can have up to 10+ departments involved in creating a buyer experience; data, product, sales, revenue ops and so on. All the features we develop keep collaboration top of mind, helping you to bring the right minds into the fold when it matters.

In product

We believe that your product should become the best salesperson in your team, therefore we give it the tools to be able to sell itself pre and post signups with simple yet powerful automations available out of the box.


We are aware that building personalised buyer journeys is hard - it can take time and it demands a strong understanding of your persona. That is why we use out of the box templates for journeys and in app prompts that you can personalise as you progress with the product. For each new integration you add you unlock new journeys. Think of it as a character of a video game unlocking new cool stuff to make her stronger! The next step is to provide an open source part of userled where users will be able to share their journeys with folks from other companies (should be pretty dope!)

Quick to set up ⚡️

It takes honestly 5’ to get started and we are not kidding, just copy past the JS link into your code or your google tag manager and you straight away get access to 100s of out of the box revenue journeys. Then if you are looking for more personalisation, start connecting your Stack. We provide out of the box with your CRM, CDP, Data lakes and so on!

Early bird program

If you’re excited by what we're building, we'd love to hear from you. We are currently partnering with 30+ companies that can give us feedback and benefit from our product at a reduce cost. The best suited partners we are looking for are SaaS companies between 10 and 300 employees.

If this is you, awesome, feel free to sign up here and find more info on our early bird program here!

If you have question or want to see a demo before signing up just ask :

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If you want to follow our journey we are quite transparent about our failures, wins and you can follow our adventures on the platforms below