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New Joiner : Varsha 🇮🇳

Heya, I’m Varsha and I am thrilled to be joining Userled as an MBA Intern!

New Joiner : Varsha 🇮🇳
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Heya, I’m Varsha and I am thrilled to be joining Userled as an MBA Intern!

I spent most of my life in India and moved to London in 2021 for my MBA. I enjoy working on all things B2B tech and have previously worked at McKinsey (Digital) as a consultant and at Gartner as a product manager. I joined Userled to focus on operations and community growth.

In today’s market, an increasing number of companies are focusing on product-led growth. By adopting freemium models to allow users to try the product, find value, and then purchase a paid premium version, many startups are challenging incumbents (remember Zoom vs Webex and Teams in the pandemic?) Userled is building a product that will empower growing PLG companies to simplify the buyer journey and focus on better serving user needs. I firmly believe that there is a large untapped potential in this space.

Yann and Tristan are building a talented and motivated team at Userled to solve this problem. After speaking with Yann and understanding the user-centricity and culture of learning at Userled, my choice to join them was easy. Having worked in large corporations for most of my career, the opportunity to be part of this agile, passionate and focused team highly appealed to me.

I am eagerly looking forward to solving an impactful problem, new learnings, and friendships at Userled!

New Joiner : Varsha 🇮🇳

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