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Meet Our New Joiner: Matt Stevenson UK

Introductory bio of Userled's founding designer Matt Stevenson

Before Userled I was at Codat for 2.5 years, and having joined an early stage business starting their design journey and having been part of such a high growth journey from the beginning, I was keen to find another startup!

Being part of a startup with such a small team is always an amazing challenge, everyday isn’t the same and I love solving cross team problems as well as delivering design solutions that can help drive the business.

Product led growth was a term i’ve been seeing across the internet for a while and it’s been great to really understand why, as so many tech companies have been forced to make huge redundancies, there is such a need for optimisation across all top of funnel tactics - historically a tough place to track a clear ROI for businesses.

So enter Userled and having met Yann and Tristan a few times, it was a no brainer and we’re going to create something amazing.