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New Joiner : Amy 🇳🇿

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Hi 👋 I’m Amy and I’m joining Userled as a Product Engineer. I’m originally from New Zealand 🇳🇿 but have lived in London since 2019.

Prior to joining Userled, I was an engineer at Codat and before that, Jigsaw XYZ - a Scaleup and startup in the fintech space. I really enjoy being a part of the growth journey of a company and tackling the challenges that come with it which is part of the reason why I’m so excited to be joining Userled. I’m also really excited to be working with some new technologies and in a small team of talented people who are all passionate about the product we’re building and working closely together to deliver as quickly as possible.

Product led sales is a completely new concept to me. As an engineer in a fintech business I’ve never really had to think too much about the sales process. It was only during the application process with Userled that I started reading about product led sales (PLS) and product led growth (PLG) and how it can help shorten sales cycles and encourage businesses to really focus on the product they’re building and the value it adds to their customers. Having had previous experiences with feature requests being made to drive a single sales opportunity, this really resonated with me. I’m definitely still in the process of learning more about PLS and PLG but it’s an area that I’m really intrigued about and I’m excited to be part of Userled’s journey to deliver a product helping businesses achieve this.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling (and eating constantly at the same time 🤤), reading (fiction only and usually something from a best sellers list) and going for the occasional run (when I’m not travelling and eating). I have no pets of my own but I’m OBSESSED with everyone else’s so send me a few photos and we’ll be great friends.

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