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3 ways Userled transforms Growth teams

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Growth operators in B2B SaaS business have become operational superheroes! They require the ability to have an understanding of social platforms to that of a digital marketer, the technical ability of an engineer, the analytical capabilities of a business intelligence team, the writing chops of a copywriter and eye for detail to that of a designer!

Im exhausted just writing that sentence without even having to perform the role!

Alongside having to wear multiple hats. Growth teams are starting to face a multitude of macro pressures. Technical and regulatory changes means tracking is becoming increasingly more difficult, economics conditions is making selling more difficult and the markets have greater attention on firm profitability, meaning organisations must grow in a more sustainable way.

Helping Growth teams flourish was a key consideration when designing Userled.

Userled is transforming how growth teams work in 3 ways

  • A new channel to grow from
  • Experimenting faster
  • Do more with less

A new channel to grow from

Traditional channels of acquisition are becoming more competitive. End users are becoming more savvy to avoid typical growth experiments and strategies and tracking is becoming increasingly difficult. Growth members need to consider how can they understand, engage and activate prospects and users more effectively when considering these headwinds. This is where Userled steps in.

At its genesis, Userled’s focus and what continues to be our north star is that companies can unlock more value from their product and turn product into their primary growth channel. This means that Growth members can become product heroes in their organisation! They can develop campaigns, prompts and journeys within the product that improves user experience and open up self-selling opportunities.

With Userled, a company can become product-led in minutes! we see Userled as the entry point to PLG for organisations who have not yet transitioned. We also see Growth teams who want to continue to be Sales-led using Userled, as a mechanism to sprinkle PLG capabilities into their sales process.

Experiment faster

No one loves an experiment more than a member of a growth team. We at Userled know that. We want to empower these experiments. When we interviewed growth team members the primary issue they face when experimenting we heard again and again was lack of speed. What does this look like? Growth teams come up with awesome ideas, they develop a hypothesis and how to test it, they get stakeholder buy in and approval and then….. nothing. A few weeks pass, the experiment sits on a growth backlog and momentum is gone. We heard this story time and time again. That is why Userled was built to allow growth teams to experiment fast. Userled is entirely no-code, has prebuilt templates and journeys meaning you can launch an experiment in moments. This speed of insight will transform the growth role. It will be like going from navigating using sign posts to using Google maps!

Do more with less

Sales teams are shrinking. The sell at all costs attitude that has swept over tech in recent years is being replaced. Growth leaders need to do more with less. Userled will become most powerful when it drives growth from product and essentially owns run rate revenue. This will not replace sales people, rather it will allow sales teams to focus their time and efforts on their highest potential deals.

Userled is revolutionising the way growth teams work in the B2B SaaS business. Userled is poised to become an essential tool for growth teams looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape.

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