Promote specific case studies based on the pipeline stages

Close deals faster by showcasing case studies relating the success of similar companies using your solution.

Integrations required

How to create this outbound?

Journey - Audience

  • Select “Create new audience”.
  • Select “Add conditions”.
  • Select  in the “Hubspot Integration” “Deal Stage”.
  • Select the specific Stage you want to target.
  • Click on “Done”.

Journey - Experience

  • Select “Overlay content”.
  • Copy the URL of your landing and/or blog pages.
  • Choose the "Picture card" experience format to promote the webinar.
  • Write the copy for your experience, mentioning your case study in the header and body. Choose the position of your prompt as well as the delay.
  • Copy the URL of your case study page where you want your visitors to be redirected.
  • Click on "Save journey".
  • Click on "Publish".
  • Define your conversion goals.

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