Personalise your landing page for multiple accounts

Close key leads faster with personalised landing page experience.

Integrations required

How to create this outbound?

Journey - Audience

  • Select "Outbound Campaigns".
  • Select "Create Campaigns".
  • Select "Multi target campaigns".
  • Write your Campaign name.
  • Copy your "Campaign URL".
  • Select your data source.
  • Select which table from Hubspot you would like to use as a data source from either "Companies" or "Contacts".
  • Type the name of the specific companies/contacts you want to target.
  • Synchronise Userled assets and activity to your data source.
  • Select "ABM Experience URL" in the link field.

Journey - Experience

  • Edit with variables what you want on your landing page (e.g. text, images).
  • Review your edits.
  • Save your edits.

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