Generate AI-driven landing page to close a key account

Target one specific account with a personalised AI-generated landing page.

Integrations required
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How to create this outbound?

Journey - Audience

  • Select "Outbound campaigns".
  • Select "Single account campaign".
  • Copy the URL of the page you want to personalise.
  • Copy the URL of the page of the account you want to target.
  • Select "AI" to to generate AI-driven edits on your landing page.
  • Click on "Create campaign".

Journey - Experience

  • Wait a few seconds for the AI to generate the edits.
  • Select "Page edits" at the top in the nav bar to analyse all the edits that have been made on the page.
    Note: If you like you can also edit manually certain elements on the page.
  • Click on "Save".
  • Copy the "Experience URL".
  • Click on the nav bar on the arrow to come back to the home page.
  • Congrats! You did it! :)

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