Drive webinar registrations

Promote sign-up for your webinar/event.

Integrations required
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How to create this outbound?

Journey - Audience

  • Select "All audiences" to target all visitors regardless of their company profile, traffic sources, or browsing behavior.

  • Click on “Done”.

Journey - Experience

  • Select “Overlay content”.
  • Copy the URL of your landing and/or blog pages.
  • Choose the "picture card" experience format to promote the webinar.
  • Write the copy for your experience, mentioning your webinar in the header and body. Choose the position of your prompt as well as the delay.
  • Copy the URL of your webinar page where you want your visitors to sign-up.
  • Click on "Save journey".
  • Click on "Publish".
  • Define your "Jouney goals".

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