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Recommend the best articles to increase subscribers

Serve your website visitors with the content that resonates most.

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Sally has a keen interest in one particular topic that your company writes about. Now when visits your website you can target her directly that her favourite topic is being discussed by using Userled’s article recommendation experience.

(1) Userled recognises that Sally has read 3 previous articles about GTM strategies, so it triggers a prompt that links to a blog with the newest GTM article when she arrives on the landing page.

(2) Sally can learn more from her favourite topic and then it serves a prompt to sign up to the newsletter to never miss another GTM blog post.

Why use this template?

  • Reengage returning visitors to engage with their favourite content
  • Personalise your messaging and build on your audience’s awareness levels

How it works

  • Select the template
  • Add the types of blogs you want to focus on.  You can choose to display the experiences on one or multiple relevant pages
  • Brainstorm and update prompt messaging as needed (don’t forget to add images and gifs)
  • Change the delay times depending on the level of content in your blog page.
  • Add your Newsletter signup to the prompt
  • Save and publish your experience!

Make this template your own in less than 5 minutes :)


Increase Subscribers
Increase Subscribers

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