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Book demos on blog posts

Identify engaged blog readers and provide them with intriguing product information, motivating them to book a call

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Karen has read multiple posts on your blog. So, we know she definitely works in this space and is a keen bean, but she hasn’t tried your product yet!

Here’s when our template kicks in:

(1) It draws Karen’s attention to a page outlining relevant features of your product.

(2) On this features page it nudges her to book a call to learn more about the product and its features.

Why use this template?

  • To provide interest-based information to visitors in a targeted fashion.
  • To nudge visitors to book a call after they have enough context, increasing conversion.

How it works

  • Select the template.
  • Add the blog URL in the entry filter. You can choose to display the prompts on one or multiple blog posts with the ‘matching’ and ‘containing’ fields respectively.
  • Brainstorm and update prompt messaging as needed (don’t forget to add images and gifs).
  • Change the delay times depending on the level of content in your webpage.
  • Save and publish your experiences!

Make this template your own in less than 5 minutes :)


Book Calls
Book Calls

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