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Generate signups from email campaigns

Segment visitors from your email campaigns to tailor their sign up experience

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Sara saw your blog post email and reached your website. She’s intrigued but doesn’t have enough context about the product, so she leaves the page with a plan to return later.

Here’s how our template would fix this scenario:

(1) It allows Sara enough time to engage with the blog article before showing her a prompt.

(2) The prompt leads her to a new page, rich with information about the benefits of your product (e.g. homepage / about us / testimonials / demo videos).

(3) On the new information page, Sara is nudged to sign up through a second prompt.

Why use this template?

  • It provides relevant information to visitors in a personalised manner
  • It nudges visitors to sign up at the best time in the user journey, increasing conversion (tried, tested, and generated 7% higher CTRs)

How it works

  • Select the template.
  • Configure your blog URL in the entry filter (see our example below).
  • Brainstorm and update prompt messaging as needed (don’t forget to add images and gifs).
  • Change the delay times depending on the level of content in your webpage.
  • Save and publish your experience!

You will be good to go in less than 10 minutes :)


Drive Signups
Drive Signups

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