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Offer returning visitors a special discount

Identify your most price conscious website visitors and provide them with discounts to increase signups

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Lauren has visited your website several times, and even checked out the pricing page. Now through using Userled’s special discount journey, you can offer a 1 time purchase to help convert Lauren from a visitor to a customer.

(1) Userled recognises that Lauren has visited the website several times and looked at the pricing page.

(2) These are high intent buying actions, and now to help convert Lauren, Userled triggers a special discount prompt helping convert Lauren.

Why use this template?

  • Reengages returning visitors to become users
  • Helps move prospects through the sales pipeline

How it works

  • Select the template
  • Add the number of visits to your site and add the URL to your pricing page in the entry filter. You can choose to display the prompts on one or multiple relevant pages
  • Brainstorm and update prompt messaging as needed (don’t forget to add images and gifs)
  • Add your Sign up URL to the prompt
  • Save and publish your experience!

You will be good to go in less than 3 minutes :)


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Drive Signups
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