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Generate signups through new features

Make returning visitors aware of improvements to your product.

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David has visited your website a few weeks ago and liked what he saw but it did not compel him to sign up for your product. Now when he visits again you can make him aware of the new features and benefits that have been added since the last time he visited with our new features template

(1) Userled recognises that David has not visited the website in a week, so it triggers a prompt that links to a blog with the new features overview.

(2) David can then get enabled on what has been added and is then serves a prompt to sign up and get hands on experience with these exciting new features!

Why use this template?

  • Re-engage returning visitors have major product features
  • Personalise your messaging and build on your audience’s awareness levels

How it works

  • Select the template
  • Add the time period in the entry filter. You can choose to display the experiences on one or multiple relevant pages
  • Brainstorm and update prompt messaging as needed (don’t forget to add images and gifs)
  • Change the delay times depending on the level of content in your blog page about your new feature
  • Add your Sign up URL to the prompt
  • Save and publish your Userled experience!

Make this template your own in less than 2 minutes :)


Drive Signups
Drive Signups

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