How Liberis converted more leads coming from partner channels

By using Userled, Liberis was able to promote their business via channel partners using personalised ads and links to personalised landing pages, increasing their conversion rate from prospect to lead.

Financial services


Liberis provides partners such as banks, acquirers, brokers and e-commerce platforms with a flexible embedded finance platform and financial solutions to offer hyper-personalised and accessible funding to smaller businesses.Just to name a few, partners involve Clover UK and Elavon Europe which puts Liberis in front of a global platform to reach out to more business across different countries and market needs, increasing their chance at generating qualified leads.

It’s no wonder Liberis wants to make sure that partner channels capture the correct prospects and that these prospects are redirected to a personalised Liberis landing page to convert them into qualified leads.

Increased qualified leads by 40% by personalising partner channels CTAs



Liberis wants to put the accent on partner channels, allowing strong partnerships between Liberis and their champions by not only promoting their own solutions, but allowing partners to gain more discovery traffic.By promoting partnerships, Liberis wants to expand their reach for prospecting SMBs, but lead generation across platforms involves a lot of work across their GTM team to ensure that messaging aligns on all partner channels, and that the lead captured are put into a Liberis flow.

The team faced the following challenges:

  • By promoting Liberis across partner channels, Liberis encountered difficulties in monitoring the engagement of each partner campaign and to ensure each lead generated via those channels are nurtured through their CRM
  • Ensuring all assets are not only personalised but also relevant to Liberis, the partner channel and the targeted visitors requires a lot of work for their GTM team without much revenue power to present
  • Once the prospects are captured via the partner channels, they need to be nurtured through the sales funnel associated with their origin channel, which requires more work for each deal stage without easy access to assets in their CRM

Keep the relevant keywords across channels:

  • full personalisation of assets and personalised landing pages to reflect the keywords used on partner channels websites to ensure brand recognition at all stages
  • personalise CTAs, texts, links and images to keep the messaging clear and aligned with the originating partner


The campaign assets are generated and shared via a Userled UTM link, which means that all CTAs across partner channels redirect to a Liberis personalised landing page, and every step of the funnel is analysed via the Userled campaign board, enabling quick and resourceful insights for the GTM teams

  • The team has quick access to the assets generated to reuse in their outreach campaign, including ads, email banners which redirect to the same landing page which ensures alignment across all channels


The leads captured are synched to Liberis’ CRM, and all links and assets stored for each lead generated via the ABM campaigns

  • this saves the team time for outreach, and equips them automatically with the best assets tailored to their targeted accounts

The Results

Increased click-rate

Increase in qualified leads

Quicker and easier monitoring of each partner campaign, enabling the Liberis team to act on engagement faster and more efficiently

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