Userled VS Demandbase

Learn how Userled compares to Demandbase

Learn how Userled compares to Demandbase

Demandbase tells you the that engagement data and account intelligence will ensure that your ad strategy and account based marketing will work better, only if you can predict and analyse your buyer’s intention.Yes, B2B marketing has different challenges than B2C intents, but Demandbase barely scratches the surface of what personalisation can achieve.

At Userled, we know you have your data, your strategy, your top accounts, and what we believe in lays beyond what Userled doesn’t wait for your buyer to be ready to buy, and when they are, you will be ready with multiple personalised web experiences to convert them easily.

What is the difference between Userled and Demandbase?

Going beyond the data

Positioning themselves as adtech, Demandbase focuses on what data you can gather from your potential buyers to gauge their buying intention and market fit. Their audience insight and segmentation proves that they are the can be a powerful tool for account intelligence.

Demandbase shows you the potential reach of your campaigns and your marketing strategies by analysing your data, but what goes beyond knowing

At Userled, we believe that ABM marketing and strategies lies in know who the buyer is outside of the data. You know your verticals, and you know your top accounts better than what the data may show you on a cold screen. What you don’t know yet - Userled can uncover, and our AI can guide your personalisation.Use your own website templates against generated assets, or lean on our existing library of templates and out-of-the-box experiences to help you achieve particular goals (e.g. closing a key account using an AI-generated landing page).

With personalised website experiences, you can generate assets and landing pages for one to hundreds of accounts that align with your buyers from prospect stages to the last closing deal stage of your pipeline.

Generate ad campaigns with Userled

Demandbase and Userled both focus on the revenue power of targeted advertising. The key difference here is that as an account intelligence platform, Demandbase focuses on buyer intent and ad impression to ensure each account have equal chances to be qualified and converted.

At Userled, we don’t stop there: we enable you to go beyond with ad personalisation in your campaigns. Don’t stop at knowing your ad is good, but generate ads to your target audiences at the click of a button. Personalise CTAs, branding and messaging to capture your buyer’s interest and lead them into a fully personalised experience.

Increase pipeline generation and conversion by ensuring your buyer sees an aligned messaging across different assets: email outreach, Linkedin ads, specific landing pages, all that to guide them through the buyer’s journey. It starts before the buyer is even aware of you, and Userled understands that.

A fully rounded ABM strategy

No need for another data platform with Userled. Using integrations with your preferred GTM channels, Userled already has the necessary information to start generating personalised assets that will help you with lead conversion.

This saves your teams time by aligning goals between sales and marketing and ensuring all assets generated are synched directly into your CRM channels, and shareable internally via unique link so you can deploy your Userled assets beyond even your CRM outreach.

Use UTM parameters to deploy your generated content into email outreach and your inbound journeys to ensure your marketing content is seen by the right accounts and the right stage of their buying journey.

Userled is here to be your go-to platform for generated ABM experiences.

Overview table


Adtech and account intelligence, many of their customers have used them as a data insight platform and audience segmentation tool

Generate personalised website experiences for lead generation and conversion

Website personalisation

Personalised ads, email assets, website using your own website or suggested templates to allow all elements of your campaigns to align into one smooth experience

Provides guidance and actions for when the buyers are ready to buy and collects ad impression

Userled believes ABM strategy truly matters for all audiences and intent: generate experiences for all accounts at scale. Roll out the red carpet for everyone and show your understanding of each account through your pipeline

Integrate fully with your CRM and GTM channels of choice

Personalising the site for particular audiences is a piece of work

We were born from this idea, it is our live and breathe and we do that better than anyone. Unfortunately Demandbase brands itself as a platform all in one for ABM and does very little in the ABM space well


Core inbound personalisation strategy with 1:1 landing pages and analytics for top of the funnel conversions

With Userled, go beyond what ABM means: generate personalised landing pages in bulk for one to hundreds of accounts at scale to roll out the red carpet for every targeted account

Focused on key accounts outbound marketing: match your landing pages to your ads only

Userled provides an outbound experiences wealth from personalised landing pages to scaleable ad campaigns enabling your team to reach new levels for their outbound marketing

Access the Mutiny community with a paid membership

You get access to the userleaders community as part of your Userled account, no matter the usage level. Benefit from expert users and the Userled team directly on your slack.

High end pricing

Pricing based on usage tailored to what your team needs. Based your traffic (userled inbound) and your number of account you want to personlise for (userled outbound)

Playbooks of templates available

Bring design flexibility with Userled: bring your own ABM templates and benefit from our tens of out-of-the-box templates available

Company-wide analytics

Analytics at the ABM level: go into details to monitor who within the company has looked at your ABM experience, for how long etc…

Direct impact on pipeline

With userled you can get prospects visiting tailored ABM pages to book instant calls, no need to wait for the demo booking process to start

Simplicity of usage

No fluff of UI/UX, you select the audience you want to personalise, generate or build your personalized experienced and monitor the impact


Userled is the quickest way in the world to get started with website personalisation


Our AI generates entire copies of Landing pages for ABM based on the account or contacts you want to personalise the experience for. No need for a content writer, and soon no need for designer either as we will provide design that are relevant to the companies you target

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