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New Joiner : Sam 🇬🇧

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Originally, I'm from the UK and currently reside and work in our London office. Before joining Userled, I was at a B2B SaaS startup, Chattermill, and also at an e-commerce company, Grainger Online Global, working in both Growth and Engineering roles.

I have an indie hacking hobby and have worked on a product called Outflo, an email personalisation tool for SDRs. Some big brands are using it, and I've found building and launching products from scratch to be a lot of fun. Outside of work, I like to experiment with AI, read (particularly historical biographies), hit the gym, and play sports.

Why I Joined Userled


Even in the short time I've spent with the Userled team, it's clear that this group has high agency, a ton of passion for their work, and plenty of grit. These are all essential qualities in an early-stage startup team. Plus, everyone is super friendly and genuinely enjoys spending time together.


Personalised website experiences are a big market. Many VC-backed startups don't have the TAM (total addressable market) to reach the top echelons of the startup world, but I believe Userled does. I can’t think of too many businesses that don’t want a personalised web experience. The opportunity here is considerable, and I think we can add a lot of value to growth and marketing teams globally. In a world where cutting through the noise is becoming harder, creating hyper-personalised experiences is key to standing out to potential customers.


I love working at startups. Some of the best moments come from the early days - building camaraderie with your teammates and working towards a common goal is an incredibly energising environment. The days can be tough, and it's hard work. But life is short. You should always strive to grow, to be challenged. I believe Userled is the right environment to offer a great challenge.