About us

Userled is the sales automation platform enabling B2B SaaS companies to transition to product-led sales easily

What do we do?

B2B companies rely on Userled to become more sales efficient.

Nowadays, buying software should be as easy as buying clothes online, yet the majority of software companies still use the same lengthy sales cycles that customers no longer want to go through.

The new way of selling software products efficiently is called Product Led Sales (PLS), enabling Product and Sales to collaborate so that the product can take care of closing the small deals while sales take care of the more strategic ones.

Yet implementing PLS in a company is more of an art than a science, therefore we make it simple and educative for software businesses to do so.

To make this possible, we've brought together a diverse team of individuals passionate about computing, history, art, alternative programming languages, music, skateboarding, and craft. Today, we have an office in London tomorrow who knows!

Now is a magical time to join, we're still small, and everyone makes a foundational difference. Interested in learning more?

Our Partners

We raised £4m from LocalGlobe,
Dig Ventures and a bunch of great angels

General Partner at LocalGlobe & Latitude

Dig Ventures, MuleSoft Founder

Our values


Put users first.

Our decisions and priorities come from working backwards from our users’ most important problems.


Shared Commitment to Excellence

Success depends on our blend of deep caring, effort, and optimism.


Feedback is a gift.

It is core to our culture, always given in service of helping each other grow and get better.


Search for the Truth

We obsess over finding the right answers to the right questions. We leave our past experiences and personal bias at the door. With every situation, we look at the facts and decide the best path forward that will lead us to the right answers for the company.

Do you still have questions?

Please ask us at yann@userled.io